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- inner strength and grow through life's challenges.
- your self imposed limitations so you can live a life of purpose.
- your self imposed limitations so you can live life to your full potential.

About Me

As a young girl and later a young adult transitioning into adulthood, I grappled with deep-seated feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy. For years, I chased validation through achievement and performance, hoping it would finally validate my worth. However, this pursuit only led me in circles until I stumbled upon the transformative power of personal growth and coaching.

Through this journey, I unearthed long-held beliefs that had held me captive for decades. Despite completing an Ironman race in 2018, I found myself still feeling unfulfilled. It dawned on me that true fulfillment couldn't be achieved through external accomplishments alone; it required inner work on self-worth and acceptance.

I came to understand that addressing insecurities and doubts is essential for reaching our full potential.

Though confronting these challenges isn't always comfortable, it's integral to personal growth. Instead of avoiding difficult emotions, I learned to acknowledge them and move forward, constantly striving to become the best version of myself.

I realized that growth occurs outside of our comfort zones. It's when we push ourselves beyond familiar boundaries, embracing new experiences and overcoming perceived limitations, that we truly flourish.

Ultimately, true fulfillment isn't found in the attainment of goals but in the journey of self-discovery. By understanding ourselves deeply, we uncover the barriers preventing us from realizing our potential and fulfilling our God given assignment on this earth.


  • Episode 55: Pursuing our dreams or keeping things the same

    In this engaging podcast episode, Norma and Carrie explore the dynamic tension between pursuing our dreams and maintaining the status quo. They delve into the fears and challenges that come with stepping into the unknown, discussing the risks of staying stagnant versus the rewards of embracing change. Through personal anecdotes and insightful reflections, they highlight the importance of faith, growth, and trusting in God's guidance. They emphasize the transformative power of pursuing our dreams, not only for ourselves but also for those around us. Tune in to discover how exploring our aspirations can lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful life, inspiring others along the way.

  • Episode 53: Are we living our true potential?

    Join Norma and Carrie in this captivating episode as they unravel the concept of living up to your true potential. Delve into thought-provoking discussions on self-awareness, spiritual growth, and the power of seeking divine guidance. Discover how vocalizing your thoughts and journaling can lead to profound insights and personal transformation.Explore the dynamics of coaching sessions and the value of seeking external perspectives in your journey toward self-discovery. Learn how acknowledging your limitations and turning to God for guidance can empower you to navigate life's challenges with faith and resilience.Listen in as Norma and Carrie share personal anecdotes and coaching insights, offering practical advice on overcoming obstacles and embracing change. Gain valuable tips on challenging limiting beliefs, taking responsibility for your life, and fostering growth within your family and community.Don't miss this enlightening conversation that promises to inspire and uplift you on your quest for personal growth and fulfillment. Tune in now to embark on a transformative journey toward living your true potential.

  • Episode 52 Being Nice

    Have you ever been really honest with someone that you love only to get smacked in the arm by a friend or parent telling you, "that wasn't very nice"?Today's episode is all about when is "being nice" not loving and when should we just keep quiet and listen. How important is it that we be nice? All of these and other great questions will be explored so hop on in and have a listen. As always you can reach out to Norma or myself by email or text when you go to www.fulfilledandfabulousover40.com xxoo

  • Episode 51: The power of influence

    Norma and Carrie discuss the complexities of influence, urging awareness of how we elevate individuals beyond their humanity, imposing undue expectations.They stress the power we hold to shape perceptions, advocating for authenticity in our actions and associations.The conversation highlights the impact of our influence, urging deliberate living and consideration of the messages we convey through our choices.They emphasize the need to recognize our own power and the responsibility it entails, especially in shaping the experiences of those around us.Overall, the episode serves as a reminder to be intentional in our influence and authentic in our interactions.

  • Episode 50 -Binging

    Have you ever noticed your self over indulging in food, drink, or spending? In today's episode we are discussing why we binge. Do we have control over it and can it have it's rightful place in our lives for a set time and purpose? We are always deighted to have you along for the journey. You can always connect with us on our website @fulfilledandfabulousover40.com If you have never hired a lifecaoch and want to learn more we would encourage you to connect with one of us by email today:)


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