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Your true design

Our true design is to be creative.

We were created in our Creator’s image to fulfill our assignment, mission, purpose or whatever word you use to describe it. This is exciting, right? We already have everything inside of us to make it happen. 

But we don’t believe it. We think we always need more. We think ‘I’m not ready yet’, ‘I need more time’ or ‘I need more preparation’. 

We might need to learn a skill or master some activity but we have what we need to get going. 

When we place our confidence on things out of control we will doubt ourselves. 

But when we rely on our character and discipline, which is intrinsic, we can be confident it will happen. Because our character is built during struggle and challenges. And it’s up to me to grow and learn. To become the best version of myself. 

There is nothing wrong when life is hard and challenging. We grow and see what we are capable of. I look at challenges and struggles differently when I know it transforms me into the best version of myself. No one ever became great by doing what is comfortable.  

Embrace the challenge this week. You will be a different person on the other side. 

Have a great week and YOU can do this!